Distinguishing itself form the others in time, Doga College has moved to a leading position in the educational sector within only
10 years; Having caught up the growth trend and accomplishing to have 105 campuses and 80.000 students especially after
2010, it set its medium and long term target to achieve to reach the number of 300 campuses and 300.000 students. Doga
College has taken steps so as to increase private sector`s share in the field of education by the help of the investments that it has
made so far. Furthermore, it has been supporting the economy not only in terms of creating vast job opportunities but also by
means of having a considerable role in reaching to 100 per cent enrollment rate to the preschool, primary and secondary school.

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Doğa Hospital

The group started its activity in 2012 as the first private hospital in Esenyurt that has a detailed imaging
center, operating rooms, delivery rooms, emergency service and fully equipped Biochemistry and
Microbiology Labs with the unit in an area of 4.000 m2, with a team of over hundred of experts and
specialists in all branches that is available 24 hours a day.

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KÜLTÜR Educational Institution

Having been established in Beyazit, Istanbul, in 1979,this brand has a total of 87 branches 25 of which are
in Istanbul and serves more than 40,000 students.

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Having been founded in 1995, Fatih SCHOOLS today has 42 branches that serve over 50,000 students in
primary education.

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Having been founded in 1997 and ruling 70 per cent of the foreign language educational market, English
Time, today has a total of 21 branches.

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