Human Resources

To contribute to the creation and success of sustainable competitive advantage through human resources by creating
systems compatible with the objectives and strategies of Doga Group, by applying and continually improving.
Doga Group's Human Resources Vision
To have talented human resources that enriche, that influence the business results of the group, that take initiative and
have high commitment to the institution for the permanent and sustainable success of the company.
Doga Group's human resources policies and strategies
Doga Group’s employees are a whole with its values and brands . Therefore, employees are the company's most important
asset and is the basis for the growing success of the company. The focus of all our strategies and goals is our employees.
Our strategies; recruitment of the most talented candidates into the company with effective management policies , to gain
and retain talented employees with effective talent management policies, satisfaction of the human resources, a fair
performance based on objective criteria and that takes quality of work and high performance as basis, and taking salary and
benefits administration to the lead.

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